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At the gates of Granada

At the gates of Granada!

We start in Cómpeta, driving over the network of tracks on the southern slope of Sierra Tejeda. As far as we drive up, we will enjoy a stunning mirador overlooking the blue and calm Mediterranean Sea. We will cross the impressive Borriqueros fountain, near 1000m of altitude. Then, at 1195m, "Puerto Blanquillo", which lives up to its name. Later, the source of the "Turvilla" river rising and flowing just before the area known as Nevazo.

After 5km driving, we will reach an altitude of 1600m in the place where the waters flow. We will be able to gaze at the province of Granada, look at the foothills of Sierra Nevada and La Maroma, discern a magnificent stretch of silver Malaga coastline and, often, observe a unique sight: the Atlas Mountains looming up in the mists of time.


Duration: 4 hours approx

Includes: Guide, activuty insurance, jeep 3.0 and picknic

Start height: 608 m

Max height: 1611 m

Total kilometers: 42 km



2 people, per person 80€

3 people, per person 73€

4 people, per person 65€

5 people, per person 57€

6 people, per person 52€

7 people, per person 48€

8 people, per person 45€




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