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“Your best stay and service in Nerja”

Rental policy

POLICY for booking and staying in our apartments


The quickest and most secure way possible to book something in Nerja today is to use our online booking with encrypted connection to the bank. The bank will charge you the reservation fee of 25% of total booking cost. This is to validate the booking and is done with your cards normal security procedures. The validation is then immediate and you get a confirmation via email from the system.

Otherwise the reservation fee may be paid by inserting money
into our bank account. Paymant is made payable to BokaNerja in the Spanish bank Unicaja:
Plaza de la Ermita 18 29780 Nerja
IBAN ES40 2103 3032 5400 3002 1446

Please do not forget to tell us what time you plan to arrive, for us to serve you best.

The reservation fee is considered non-refundable if the booking is later cancelled as you normally get your money back by your insurance.

The rest of the cost is to be paid upon arrival and can be
made in cash or by credit card (Visa or Master Card)

You pay and receive your keys in our office BookNerja in c/Granada 62


NO SMOKING is allowed in the apartments, only on balconies!

NO PETS are allowed to enter the apartments due to allergies!

It is not permitted to play loud music, be excessively loud or in other ways disturbing other people living in our apartments.

During nighttime there is silence.

If someone, after having been corrected, still does not conform to these rules, the management has the right to immediately dismiss that person from the apartment without any refunds.

The number of people staying in the apartment is limited to the maximum number of people approved. That is for apartment A =3 persons, apartment B =4 persons and apartment C =6 persons

Please take good care of our apartment! We have put in a lot of work and money in order to make it nice for our guests. The management reserves the right to charge someone for damage or excessive dirtying. This you accept by accepting this policy when you make the booking

Apartment rentals are considered self-accommodation. That
means that you yourself have to supply the necessary washingup liquid, toilet paper etc. You also clean the apartment during your stay but normal cleaning after your check out is included in the price.

Normal consumption of water and electricity is included in the
weekly price. The air conditions should always be shut down
when no one is in the apartment as electricity is very expensive in Spain and the apartment is quickly cooled with the very efficient Daikin AC when you get home.

Towels and sheets are included and if you stay more than one
week we will supply you with new sets every week. These items are meant only to be used IN the apartment. Towels for the terrace or for the beach you supply yourself.


Time for check out is 11.00 and check in as soon as possible
after that but at the latest 17.00

If the apartment is not checked out in due time, one extra day is charged, according to international rules, as the apartment has to be prepared for new arriving guests.

If you need somewhere to put your luggage during the day of
your departure, this can normally be arranged in the office in c/Granada 62

The deposit (or supplied credit card) will be used to charge for
cleaning considered to be out of the ordinary, for missing or
broken articles, for moving furniture back into position or for
taking out the garbage. The garbage should be put in the
containers outside the house even on the day of departure.

This also applies to decontamination of apartments due to pets having been in the apartment (allergies) or necessary airing if people have smoked there and thus we have to take the apartment out of letting for extra days.


BookNerja does not accept responsibility for problems hindering the use of the rented apartment, such as strikes, force major, bad weather or likely out of our control.

The person(s) renting the apartment is fully responsible for
accidents during their stay. All residents or visitors are therefore strongly advised to take great care when handling electronic equipment, moving on wet floors that become slippery or when bathing in the pool etc. All personal belongings are also kept in the apartment on your own risk.

All persons are therefore advised to have a fully comprehensive insurance covering all possible accidents during their stay including loss or theft of personal belongings, as these matters are not covered by any other insurance.


During wintertime (approximately 1 November to 1 April) we
supply a limited number of apartments for long stays at a
reduced cost. To be considered as a long stay the period has to be at least one month.

All the previously mentioned rules apply to long lets as well but with a few alterations.

Sheets and towels

As the renting during a long stay is a normal letting we do not
supply you with new towels and linen every week. We supply
you with two complete sets though so you can change and wash when you need to. All the apartments have a washing machine
and there are lines on the roof terrace for your laundry to dry.

We expect you to change and wash linen at least every 14 days in order to have a fresh environment in the apartment

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